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Benefits to You

HNGA, along with the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS), has been fighting for the needs of the National Guard and all of its members, both at the State Capitol and at the National level in Washington D.C. Some benefits that we have successfully achieved include  >>>>

Hawaii National Guard Association (HNGA)

  • Acquisition of NGA Building at 891 Valkenburgh St for HNGA meetings, HING social events, retirements, parties, (Discounted rental for HING personnel)

  • State income tax deduction 

  • State vehicle registration weight tax exemption (Blue Form)

  • Unlimited commissary access for HING 

  • State Tuition Assistance for HING members

  • HNGA routinely sponsors and funds unit special request and events; Submit your request today!


National Guard Association United States (NGAUS)

  • National Guard Empowerment Acts 

    • Elevated the Chief, NGB to a 4-Star General

  • Post 9/11 GI Bill for National Guard​

  • Overturned Air National Guard Cuts

  • Behavior health support for reservist

  • Extended TRICARE coverage for Retirees

  • Increased TRICARE Prime coverage for pre-mobilization to 180 days

  • Prohibited the transfer of AH-64 Apache gunships from National Guard to Active Duty

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