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Our Priorities

​​The purpose of the HNGA shall be to strengthen the national defense; to further the interests of the Hawaii National Guard; and to promote and develop a sound organization. We strive to work closely with our local, state, and national elected officials and with the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS). We will fight to maintain and/or increase our structure of forces in Hawaii, fight for the modernization of equipment, and maintain and/or increase our personnel benefits for Soldiers, Airmen, and our families.

The Same Organization

  • Future Multi-Domain Battlefield Interoperability, including:

         - Deployable & Interoperable 

           Force Structure that is

           Validated & Doctrinally


         - Space National Guard as

           Primary Combat Reserve

           within Space Force.

         - Continued National Guard

           Integration into Total Force

           Cyber Mission & Training.


The Same Equipment

  • Deployable, Interoperable & Sustainable Equipment.

  • Concurrent & Proportional Fielding of Equipment to the National Guard, including:

         – UH-60M, F-35A, KC-46A,

             C-130J & FVL Procurement

  • National Guard Equipment Modernization & Recapitalization, including:

         - AH-64E, M1 & M2, HMMWV,

           C-130H, A-10, F-15 & F-16



The Same Resources & Benefits

  • Zero Cost TRICARE to Ensure Reserve Component Medical Readiness.

  • Post 9/11 GI Bill Parity.

  • Robust National Guard & Reserve Equipment Account (NGREA) Funding.

  • Tax Incentives for Guardsmen & Employers.

  • Ready Access to Mental Health Care & Suicide Prevention.

  • Increased National Guard Military Construction (MILCON) Funding.

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